Our mates down under know what’s up

Back in 1999, on the other side of the world, we created the world’s first breakfast drink. Nutritious, delicious and full of all you need to power a morning running away from venomous snakes and spiders; Up&Go quickly became Australia’s go-to breakfast to help power them through the day.


Grab breakfast by the alarm bells

Breakfast wasn’t crowned the ‘Most Important Meal of the Day’ for nothing. It’s why we created Up&Go – the most important drink of the day!

So you can quickly get up, get breakfast, get out and get on with doing the stuff that matters.

A breakfast with super tasty wholegrain oats

No lumps or bits, smoothly does it

More than 2 slices of wholegrain toast

The full on breakfast in a carton

More than 2 eggs to help replenish muscles

More than a pot of yoghurt

Just 1%

Nowhere to be seen

All you need to kick start your mornings

Stomach filling

Only more convenient if we fed it to you!

Full of vitamin D, C, B6 & B12